Kittridge Laine & Company was founded as a passion with a purpose. Creating nature-inspired pieces for the benefit of others.

Through witnessing a series of friends facing breast cancer treatment, I realized there was a need to find ways to pay for unexpected medical expenses. Not only were my friends experiencing the additional stress of facing a health crisis, but some were also facing the challenge of how to make the budget balance at the end of each month.

So I began to search for a way to help those in need. Eventually, I was led to blend my love for acrylics and texture and started creating pieces inspired by my visits to the beach and hikes among the greenbelts of Austin. I’ve always found nature restorative and a natural stress reliever, so I decided to create from that perspective. And hence, a company called Kittridge Laine was born.

Each art piece is hand designed, with 90% of the materials made in America. As well as a percentage of every sale is contributed to local charities.

May those who take home my nature-inspired creations feel the tranquility and peace instilled into each design. As well as the satisfaction in knowing you’ve made a difference to a neighbor in need.

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