Filling the Gap for Designers

When starting this business as a coastal home decor site, I never imagined it would be so much more. Isn’t it funny, the path we make isn’t always the path we take?!

Life has it’s own way of morphing and changing. Seems my business is following suit! Allow me to share this story: Through my many meetings with retailers and professional interior designers, I’ve discovered there is a problem out there. A need, you can say. Actually two - but I’ll get to that in a minute.

So the need I’ve discovered stems from my experiences in procuring art and accessories for an ASID Designer. We contracted to stage new construction model homes and set the color scheme and then off to the races we went meeting deadlines and budgets while obtaining the needed decor. Sounds fun, right!? Yet consistently, I would have challenges finding the art. I’d visit local, high end stores, and turn away empty handed because the theme color wasn’t the current trending color of the season. I’d scour the internet for hours and hours searching for high quality art without avail. I’d visit local galleries and gift shops, but find the sizes were too small for the space I needed to fill. Size and color and budget specifications were limiting my ability to finish the design commitment and causing me untold frustration in getting the job done.

Then fast forward to now. I’ve been so fortunate to cross paths with some unbelievably talented artists. From all different backgrounds and interests and experiences. Some contemporary, some not. Interestingly enough - all of them share a nature-inspired theme in their work - and all of them share the desire of sustainability. The desire to live out their truest, deepest calling to live the life of a creative. To share their work with others. To contribute to the beauty of the world. 

So by pairing the two, I’ve met two needs in one. At the same time I get to help resolve an issue and fill the gap of need and to do it beautifully. I’m honored I get to be the connector. I feel privileged that I get to share the talents of others with many. And I feel humbled that I get to do it as a “job.” It’s the most fulfilling position I’ve ever had. And I feel blessed I get to share it with you.

So get ready to see some NEW exciting COASTAL DESIGNS coming your way! I’ll post pictures of sample projects as soon as they are available. And email me, if you want them sent directly to you. I can be reached at 

All my best, Kitt