Below is an excerpt from a talk I gave today. I felt lead to share my story with a group I’m involved in and also this explains my passion about #createtogive

"In the past year, I’ve had 3 girlfriends diagnosed with breast cancer. 2 additional friends were already undergoing treatment. So in 2017 - I had 5 friends dealing with a medical crisis. These are women my age. Most of them have children – some even young children. My friends have been suffering. So even though I have found this Bible Study to be challenging – it has been a timely topic. As Jan has said during our studies – we are either suffering or know someone suffering. I have to say it does cause one to reflect and reevaluate one’s own life and make changes.


In the past several months – I’ve taken an idea – created something new – felt scared and intimated – built a business called Kittridge Laine & Company – and started sharing it with others. I also started sharing it because of others. Going back to my friends undergoing medical treatment - I am happy to report that 4 of them have received the “green” light and their cancer is in remission, the 5th is in the midst of moving from chemotherapy treatment to a series of radiation treatments – but I felt lead to do more – to help out in any way I can – so a percentage of my profits go to paying medical bills for those in need. I’ve decided to create so I can give." 


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
— Winston Churchill