Passion with a Purpose

So I had some gal pals over for dinner last night. I had prepped them ahead of time to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and a 3-minute pitch of what it is they do for work. This idea actually originated thanks to my yoga teacher, Andi. One day in class as I’m unrolling my mat, she announces we will all be giving a brief description of our work. She said we were going to treat this studio as our golf course and network together. I loved the idea! Also it was quite helpful because the woman next to me owned a sprinkler installation company and I had a leak in my system. I was at a loss of who to call and there on the mat next to me was the person who could solve my problem. A beautiful coincidence!

So after the pasta had been dished and the glasses clinked, we gathered around and shared our stories. I hope I can even come close to describing the scenario. Story after story followed a similar pattern. For many of us, we were in a stage of transition. Our parents are becoming older and needing more help and then our children are becoming older and desiring less help. So we are transitioning between doing what we have always done to changing and doing something new. In the midst of this time of uncertainty of taking on new tasks, so many of the remarks were “I just want to help”.

For example, one woman has developed a passion for politics and is reaching out to volunteer in the political realm. One woman has a passion for international corporate work and wants to work in the field that helps others abroad. Another wants to take on more cases and listen deeper during her law dispositions to bring clarity and justice to each party involved. Their stories resonated so deeply with me.

One of the reasons I was so moved is because I started this company as a means to give back to others. I’ve had 5 friends this year undergo breast cancer treatment. And as I’ve listened to them and their discussions of their treatment plans, many of them were stressed about how to pay for all the medical care they so desperately needed. I was so touched by their needs that raising money for medical care has become my personal mission in order to make the lives of others better. It all goes back to the original theme in our conversation – “I just want to help.”

So that is how Kittridge Laine and Company came about. It all started with a desire to make things better for those in need. And the way I found to do it was by sharing the gifts and talents I have inside me. Which I feel certain is something we can all do. We can all be generous with our passions and skills for the benefits of others.