Friends Call Me Kitt

So the idea of a business name came to me by accident. I was having a conversation with a friend about a recent trip. Over the course of a week-long excursion, my last name was changed daily on my luggage. It went from one additional vowel to many additional vowels and then finally an entirely new first letter! What?!?! I’m still scratching my head on how that happened!


So not only does my name often get misspelled, but it is often mispronounced. In doctor’s offices, in interviews, in introductions and even some friends fumble when introducing me. There is a joke running among our family about our last name and the variations of mispronunciations. Anytime a new one occurs, a call goes to the family to share the latest one together. We share and laugh about our sagas.

Then the second issue with my name is my first name is spelled differently. I’m Karla with a “K.” It originates with my parents needing to come up with a 4th “K” name since I’m the youngest of their children. I was almost Karly, but my mom didn’t care for it as much, so I became Karla. Growing up I couldn’t find anything with my name pre-monogrammed on it. No bicycle license plate, no pencils from the state park, no pen bag from the gift shop. As you can see, I’m still a little bitter about it!

Now, the current dilemma with my first name arises when ordering a latte or waiting for a table. I’ll give the barista my name and then follow it up with “Yes, that’s Karla with a “K” as she spells it out along the cup's edge. Due to my addiction to caffeine and frequent trips to the coffee shop, I grew tired of having the name discussion, so instead I came up with a restaurant name. At first it was Paprika. I was aiming for name originality. It worked, yet the double takes I received made me more uncomfortable and again there was a problem with correct spelling, so I had to devise a second option. Which was Kitt. Everyone can spell K-I-T-T. Or even K-I-T. Either is fine with me. It’s a joy to use since everyone from the Anthropologie sales clerk to the hostess or barista can pronounce it correctly. It is a remedy to my name issue and I no longer get weird stares in return.

Then one moment in time. One brief passing of a book display is when Kitt became Kittridge. It was only a few minutes. One book display at the local bookstore. Several words. And there among them all was the name Kittridge staring back at me. I knew in an instant this was the name of my dreams. Please tell me I’m not the only one growing up who would play pretend as a child and dream of a new name. Back then mine was often Julie or Jewels. Oh, how I wanted to be a Jewels. Hey, a girl can dream. So I guess that dream never left and I was still in search for an ideal name.

Then speaking of search, that is how Laine came about. I googled it. Yes, that’s right. I searched names until I found Laine and fell in love with its meaning. “You are wise and practical with an appreciation of beauty.” Who wouldn’t like to be wise!!! Sign me up! I already knew I was quite practical and I had a deep appreciation of all things beautiful – so let’s just add a wee bit of wise to the mix, please.

So there you have it. The birth of a name. The birth of a business called Kittridge Laine. Little coincidences that happened through my daily life. Just tidbits here and there until it came together to form something new. Which exemplifies what I do. I mix a little of this and a little of that to make something new so I can share my love of nature and invoke a sense of tranquility and peace within us all. But more of that for another blog post. In the meantime, you can call me Kitt.